Teaching at the Right Level Webinar Series: Session 2 - Assessment

October 27, 2017
A teacher assists student in reading the alphabet

Photo: Arvind Eyunni | Pratham

On Friday, October 27 at 8:30 AM EDT, Wilima Wadhwa (Director, ASER Centre), Hannah-May Wilson (Program Manager, PAL Network)., and Rachel Glennerster (Executive Director, J-PAL) will present on Assessment during the second installment of the Teaching at the Right Level webinar series.

Wilima Wadhwa will discuss the ASER Tool as a spark for action and the role of assessment in highlighting the lack of basic skills. Hannah-May Wilson will share insights from contextualizing the ASER tool across Africa. Rachel Glennerster will present on how assessment results can inform what teachers do in the classroom.

Register for the webinar and submit your questions. To join us on October 27, please click here and plan to join five minutes before the scheduled start.

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