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Policy Insights in Gender

J-PAL’s Gender sector focuses on reducing gender inequality, promoting women and girls’ empowerment, and understanding how social norms related to gender affect the outcomes of development programs. Our policy insights summarize the general lessons emerging from randomized evaluations on the impact of gender quotas on women’s political representation and service delivery and the impact of school participation interventions on girls’ school enrollment and attendance.

Seema Jayachandran (Northwestern University), Gender Chair

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Increasing student enrollment and attendance: impacts by gender

Last updated: April 2018
Reducing the costs and increasing the perceived benefits of education increase student participation for both boys and girls, and successful programs tend to help the gender with the lowest initial attendance most. Read More
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Improving women’s representation in politics through gender quotas

Last updated: April 2018
Gender quotas for women in local government bodies can improve women’s representation in politics, increase provision of public services, and improve perceptions of women as leaders. Read More

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