Ressources pour la recherche aléatoire

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Ressources pour la recherche aléatoire

Ce catalogue de ressources pratiques, produit par J-PAL en collaboration avec IPA, est mis à disposition des chercheurs qui entreprennent des évaluations aléatoires et aux professionnels qui enseignent cette technique.

Stata 104

This is an advanced, applied, Stata class. You should be quite comfortable using Stata. You are very familiar with the following concepts:

  • Loops with varlist and numlist, as well as while loops
  • The if command (distinct from the if qualifier)
  • N and _n
  •  by
  • egen

You are likely somewhat familiar with:

  • capture and assert
  • Saved results such as r(N), r(levels

The Lessons of Administrative Data

A document that highlights examples of landmark studies made possible by administrative data.

Using Administrative Data for Randomized Evaluations

A guide that provides practical guidance on how to obtain and use nonpublic administrative data for a randomized evaluation.

Administrative Steps for Launching a Randomized Evaluation in the United States

A checklist that provides guidance on the logistical and administrative steps that are necessary to launch a randomized evaluation that adheres to legal regulations, follows transparency guidelines required by many academic journals, and complies with security procedures required by regulatory or ethical standards.

Administrative Data Poster

A poster that summarizes some of the key takeaways and visuals from the guide: Using Administrative Data for Randomized Evaluations.

Common Questions and Concerns about Randomized Evaluations

A two-page document that addresses concerns potential evaluators may have about the logistical, ethical, and financial implications of running a randomized evaluation.

The Danger of Underpowered Evaluations

A one-page document that highlights the risks associated with running an evaluation that is not designed to detect a meaningful impact of a program.